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Wellness Coach for Moms

Madison, Wisconsin


Upgrade Your Life.


Hey there!

I'm a Wellness Coach for Moms. I am passionate about self care and helping my clients establish healthy habits that last.

As a Mom Coach, I help other moms learn how to get systems in place for their schedules, home environment, and their kids so they can prioritize their own self care and avoid burnout.

As a mom of three, I get that it can be a challenge to carve out "me time"... What if I told you the best way to look after your family and those you care about is to look after yourself too? All it takes is a few simple, yet effective lifestyle changes, and you can be the healthiest, happiest you!

Invest in yourself. You are worth it.

- Jamie


Mindfulness Workshop for moms

Date: March 12, 2020 9a-12p OR 5p-8p  |  Location: Terrace 167 Richfield, WI

Who Are You When You Are Not Mom?

People may know what you look like on the outside.  They may see your smile and the many hats you must wear to get through your day as a mom.  But who are you without all those mom hats?  What are your own hopes, dreams, goals, and desires for yourself?   I invite you to join me for this enlightening, hands-on, and super fun Workshop for Moms as we get reacquainted with The Woman on the Inside of you.