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Hey there!

I am a certified Health & Wellness Coach for Moms.


I am passionate about self care and helping my clients establish healthy habits that last.

The 1:1 coaching programs that I offer provide support, accountability, and the right tools to help busy moms put themselves back on the every day to-do list.

I also offer an amazing 8 week course for busy moms. In the Top Mom program, I teach busy moms how to ditch the overwhelm and reclaim their sanity using time management systems, mindset shifts, and self-love tools.


Invest in yourself. You are worth it.

- Jamie

Upcoming Events


A Mom/Daughter Retreat

Date: Will Be Rescheduled When Safe  |  Location: Holiday Inn & Express Suite Madison

Join us for this fun-filled Mother/Daughter Retreat that

will build connections, increase communication and create memories to last a lifetime!

*Friday (5-8:00) will include fun, engaging activities and complimentary chair massages.
*Saturday (9-4:00) will kick off with a relaxing guided meditation session. Separate Mother/Daughter break-out sessions, life-lessons and more to follow!

Beverages and light snacks will be provided. We will allow time for lunch on-your-own on Saturday.

Staying at the hotel is optional BUT highly encouraged for you to have special one-on-one time with your child outside of the planned activities. Rooms have been blocked off at a first-come first served basis for the the retreat discount.

Room Reservations can be made here: or by calling: (608) 249-4220

Event is hosted by Jamie Mamerow (Dot Your I, LLC) & Meghan Skrepenski (Raising Strong Girl Boot Camps)

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