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Wellness Coach for Moms

Madison, Wisconsin


Upgrade Your Life.


Hey there!

I'm a Health and Wellness Coach. Mom to three young kids. Passionate about self care and helping clients establish healthy habits that last.

As a coach, I help other parents learn to prioritize their own self care while managing the chaos of life.

As a mom of three, I get that it can be a challenge to carve out "me time"... What if I told you the best way to look after your family and those you care about is to look after yourself too? All it takes is a few simple, yet effective lifestyle changes, and you can be the healthiest, happiest you!

Invest in yourself. You are worth it.

- Jamie

Win the Battle Against Stress

Date: January 15, 2020 12p-1p  |  Location: AmFam Dream Bank Madison, WI

Let's make life FUN, not STRESSFUL!


Allowing your stress to go unmanaged is wrecking havoc on your life, your health, and your family. 

I invite you to join me at this lunch & learn on January 15th to learn how to effectively manage your stress, create balance in your life, and prioritize the people and goals most important to you!