Manage Your Time.

Banish Your Burnout.

Find Your Peace.


Hey! I'm Jamie!

I am a certified Wellness Coach for Moms.


I teach busy moms how to manage their time, reduce stress, and make time for themselves and the things that really matter.

Are you tired of drowning in home clutter, kid chaos, emotional overwhelm, and the everyday juggle of wearing ALL the mom hats?

I've been there, too.  As a stay-at-home mom to 3 kids for 10+ years, I eventually began to struggle trying to be enough for them while balancing other areas of life. 

Now, I successfully manage my time, my home, my work, and my self-care while feeling more present to my 3 kids.

What changed?  I learned that nothing around me was going to change unless I was willing to deal with what was happening on the inside first.  

If you are tired of spinning your wheels in chaos and clutter,  I would love to help.  It is totally possible to take back control over your schedule, your home, and your mindset, so that you can banish the burnout and restore peace in your day. 

Happy Mom, Happy Family!


Invest in yourself. You are worth it.

- Jamie Mamerow

Upcoming Workshops


An Action Plan for the busy parent

Date/Time: May 19th, 2021 @ 12  |  Location: Online via Am Fam DREAMBANK

Tired of drowning in the chaos and clutter of parenthood?

Join me for this FREE workshop being hosted by the American Family DreamBank on May 19th.

I will be teaching you how to take back control over your schedule, your home, and your mindset, so you can ditch the "I don't have time" excuse and begin to restore peace in your day.


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