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"Thank you Jamie for the accountability"

- T.S.

I am now into my third round of the 12 week program with Jamie. During our weekly time, Jamie has provided me with the tools and support on how to explore options and open my mind on how to breakthrough daily hurdles that I encounter or what may holding me back in life (ex. Health, work, physical activity) Jamie’s in depth approach helps me find the courage to continue to improve and focus on myself and make the right decisions. I feel that if I do not focus on my health and my well-being, I cannot achieve what is needed to be the foundation of my family. Jamie has shown me what is needed to achieve that and how to obtain your personal wealth. If you are good, everything else around you falls into place. Thank you, Jamie, for the accountability.

"Jamie has all the knowledge and experience to guide you to reach your best"

- J. M.

I worked with Jamie as a health coach for 12 weeks - she is an awesome coach and an absolute delight to work with!  My main goal was to have more energy to really enjoy time with my kids.  When I started the program with Jamie, I was feeling very sluggish, exhausted, and felt defeated most days.  Each week she worked with me to focus on a specific area that I was struggling with and each and every week she helped me find at least one accomplishment.  She really heard what I was struggling with and found a way to challenge me that week to make improvements.  By the end of our 12 weeks, I was able to say “I’ve got this” to my busy schedule.  She worked with me to ensure we could find time each week to connect on the phone and was flexible if changes needed to be made to our meeting time. She has all the knowledge and experience with health and wellness to guide you to reach your best! 

"A valuable experience with an amazing coach!"

- S.W.

My 12 weeks with Jamie went by in the blink of an eye! I appreciated our weekly talks and looked forward to each one. Each week she gave  items to ponder as well as nutrition, exercise, water intake and most important for me how to deal with the daily stress of my job. It truly was a valuable experience with an amazing coach!

"I would recommend Jamie to anyone..."

- L.K.

At age 68, I believed making changes in my habits would be next to impossible.  After working with Jamie for a month, I was proved wrong! We had a very thorough first meeting to find out my needs, my wants, my hopes.  I look forward to each week’s meeting to share my successes, gain suggestions to assist my growth and establish goals for the next week.

Jamie is excellent at listening and finding suggestions to assist me reach my goals.  She is supportive, creative and exciting. Our meetings begin with celebrating my successes... even when I don’t feel I have any, she finds one. I would recommend Jamie to anyone who truly wants to make a difference in their life. I have been with her for 8 months now and I have changed…. I am a better, happier person.

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